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Our experience

GL Finance is dedicated to finding the best solutions for your property finance in France. We are partners of all the major French banks and work closely with them to find the best offer for you.Our founder, Gary Lovelock, has worked in France in the property and finance market for the past 22 years and his most recent position was working for France's largest property finance specialist bank "Crédit Immobilier de France". His experience allows us to find the right bank for you. Over the past years Gary has helped a number of people finance their French property.

Our aim

A mortgage can last for many years and each and everyone's situation can change so our aim is to help you through every stage of your mortgage, not just through the initial process but throughout the whole life of your mortgage.Before you accept a mortgage offer we will make sure you are informed of all the costs and fees related to the mortgage.


Organised to deal with foreigh clients

Most French mortgage brokers will work with one or two banks who are specialised in non-resident clients. These are mainly the larger brokers so make sure that you are getting the best solution for your project. These banks could be the solution for your French mortgage however we will try and find you a better deal as the specialised banks will normally charge higher margins and fees.