2017 - Best rates ever !

The rates are still very competitive in France. At present we can offer variable rates from 1,95%*  for a 20  year term .
There are no redemption penalties on this product. We also offer a 10 year fixed rate mortgages from 2,25% (FIXED FOR THE HOLE TERM) .We can sometimes negotiate even better conditions especially if you are going to become a permanent resident in France.

French mortgage lenders change their conditions permanently so please come back to us for regular updates. Mortgages in France are quiet different to other countries so please contact us before signing any documents.  quote click on free quote now.

* Variable rate mortgage fixed for 3 months  and then indexed on euribor 3M + margin .The rates are give for a 80% mortgage on a non-leaseback property .

Variable rates
from 2,10%
10 year term


Fixed rates 
from 3.00%
10 years term