Buying a plot of land and building a new house

Once you have found a plot of land make sure it is constructible by checking the local planning regulations at the local town hall (MAIRIE). The planning permission is also given by the local town hall “Mairie”.

When applying for a loan to build you must provide proof of land ownership or a copy of the sales agreement should you be in the process of acquiring the land. With regard to the construction of the building, it is advisable to engage the services of a registered architect by signing a 'contrat d'architecte' or a house builder ( called a "constructeur de maison individuelle")

The contract provided by an architecte  offers all the necessary building services ranging from the project development, dealing with local authorities (planning permission, local authority regulations etc.), the appointment of contractors, work supervision to the authorising of releasing stage payments.

Otherwise in the case of the house builder, it is important to sign a 'contrat de construction de maison individuelle" with a well established builder.
This contract contains legal information pertaining to the plot of land, the materials used for the structure of the building, the construction schedule, detailed plans and the guarantees and insurance cover put in place during the works and following completion.