French notary

Once you have found the property of your choice and agreed upon a purchase price, you will be required to enter into a written agreement to buy.The conveyancing for the sale takes place through the offices of a notary.

The French notary is a publicly appointed official.
As part of a long established French legal profession, the notary has full professional indemnity cover which offers you added protection in the unlikely event of his negligence. It is his responsibility to ensure the property title is in order, transaction of the sale is completed correctly, absence of preferential rights, sellers obligation too otain necessary documentation concerning asbestos, lead poisoning,wood worm etc.

A notary may be appointed by each party or may represent both. His role is to legally implement what the vendor and the purchaser have agreed. At this stage, a deposit of between 5 and 10% of the purchase price is paid and remains in escrow with the notary.