Guarantees and construction insurance

For ten years from reception of the works, the contractors and advisors remain liable for any defect which affects the main structure of the building

or a major element of equipment, rendering it unfit for its purpose; for example foundations, roof...etc. Should you decide to sell the property during this period you are liable to the purchaser for the same guarantee.

"Dommage ouvrage" insurance

This insurance is either included in the contract signed with the builder or taken out by the purchaser. In the case of construction defect, this pre-finances all necessary repair works until the liability of the responsible builder is invoked.
From the end of the first year after reception of the construction works until the end of the tenth year, this insurance covers the full cost of all works required to repair the building and the elements of equipment.

"Guarantie de livraison"- "Delivery guarantee"

This insurance legally binds the builder to deliver the works in due time and at the agreed price mentioned in the contract.
It also covers in the case of the builder going bankrupt during the works.

This section only applies to new build developments,new build houses and extentions.