Paper work required

If you can provide all this information it will often save valuable time to get a decision.

Some banks may ask for extra information before giving a decision.

Paper work generaly needed by French banks for your mortgage application are :

Copy of all borrowers’ passports
Copy of marriage certificate if applicable
Copy of divorce agreement if applicable
Proof of home address (utility bill, council tax, etc)

Information about the property you are buying
Copy of signed reservation contract

Financial details
Proof of personal contribution (savings account, bonds etc)
Last 3 months bank statements, for each borrower, for all accounts.
Proof of any extra income.
You will need to provide tax returns showing rental income, pensions and dividends.
If you rent your main home : rental agreement and proof of the rent you pay.
If you have other loans, you must provide monthly statements showing the loan amount, monthly payments, and the loan - expiry date.

Employment details – employed borrowers

Last 3 months pay-slips
Last 2 P60s

Employment details – self-employed borrowers

Last 2 Tax Form 11s for Irish borrowers
Certified accountant’s letter stating income for last 2 years
Last 3 years company accounts

Application forms

Mortgage application forms
Life insurance questionnaire

French bank account
If you don’t have a french bank account we can help you to open one.