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Great service from Gary

I am very happy to recommend Gary Lovelock as a trusted adviser to anyone who is seeking to finance a property or land purchase in France. My experience of him is that he is well connected with the relevant banks and agencies and can secure very good arrangements at great rates. He is also very responsive to enquiries and tells you clearly where you are in the process and what you need to do next in a friendly and uncomplicated way. I would not arrange finance in France other than through him. Thank you Gary. PS just a word of experience – it takes several months (more than 3, more like 5) and an unbelievable amount of detailed paperwork to get French banks to a position to offer finance – brace yourself – but you will get there in the end.
Deb Clarke - UK - Director -


Jon is very professional; quick respnose to all questions and emails, very clear communication, and excellent work with very quick turnaround. I plan to refer others to him. Thanks Jon.
Jon is very professional; quick respnose to all questions and emails, very clear communication, and excellent work with very quick turnaround. I plan to refer others to him. Thanks Jon. - 8At3ZTTyC - xjxHkl43hOC - 3cdV229R5Hfr

French Alps

I cannot praise Gary's services highly enough. He has made the process of securing a French mortgage so much simpler than if we approached a French bank directly. Having a knowledgeable, friendly voice at the end of the phone or answering emails without delay is a credit to his business and personal skills. I would certainly recommend his services to colleagues thinking of buying in France, without hesitation.
Dr P Dalrymple - UK - Doctor - NHS

French Alps

Gary has made the whole process of arranging a mortgage in a foreign country completely hassle free and straightforward. He has delivered everything that I possibly could have hoped for: efficient and friendly service, regular progress updates, and most importantly a great mortgage rate! I have already recommended Gary to others and will continue to do so in the future. Gary, thanks once again for all of your help. Tom
Tom Crossland - UK - -

Cote D'azur, France

Gary worked quickly and efficiently to secure a loan on a second property / office for us which allowed me to get on with setting up the office instead of chasing the French Banks. Thanks Gary...Let's do another one soon !
Steve - France - Property Investor -


Gary worked quickly and very efficiently to provide a service which really took the heartache out of buying my property in France.I would recommend his services without hesitation, brilliant , thank you Gary.

Chris Robinson - Singapore - Airline Pilot - Singapore Airlines

United Kingdom

Gary could not have been more helpful or diligent. He simplified the whole process of establishing a bank account in France and obtaining a mortgage. I have NO hesitation in recommending Gary.
PM Tasker - UK - IT Executive - HP


Gary is the best!! We started out using a British company. They charged us a high fee and all they did was give us the name of a bank. Gary, on the other hand didn't charge us a fee and did all the work. The first bank was down to the final stage when they decided not to loan to Americans. So Gary found us another one that did. I didn't have to keep asking what was going on. He gave us continuous updates from his contacts over in France. The whole French process was long and difficult, but without Gary's help, it would have been impossible. Thanks for helping us get our dream home in the beautiful Loire Valley.
Jerry Kyle & Anthony Sepulveda - Washington, DC USA - Management & Program Analyst / Education Specialist - U.S. Department of Education


Buying a property in France while living in Qatar has the potential to turn into a major headache but with Gary's help it has been a smooth and simple process. He has identified the right mortgage product to meet our needs and held our hand through the application process with excellent advice and prompt responses to our queries. I would recommend GL Finance to anyone buying a property in France.
A. McInally - Qatar - Geoscientist -


Gary helped us to obtain our French home where other agents could not. His enthusiasm and professionalism shone and made our dreary days show hope, resulting with the purchase of the house we were so eager to buy. Without Gary’s support and help we would still be living in the UK. We are forever grateful.
MKC Crawford - France - Project Manager - Powerdean Programming


What more can be said than - easy to talk to, quick reply with offers that beat others in the market and a really nice chap to deal with !

Alexander Roberts - Wales - Steel Trader - Island Steel (UK) Limited


Gary has done a super professional job in getting me a mortgage and an equity release. He knows all the ins and outs of the French banking industry and his help has instrumental and decisive. He also takes all the stress and knows how to navigate through the French banking beaurocracy which is invaluable. I highly recomend him.
B. Condi - USA - Real Estate Investor -


Gary has been invaluable in helping our clients find the right mortgage deal to enable them to buy in France. He is reliable, honest and professional and has an in depth knowledge of the French mortgage market.
J Pickering - France - Estate Agent - Winkworth

United Kingdom

Gary Lovelock has proved to be a God-send to my property acquisition on the Cote d'Azur. I could not have done it without him I am certain. He exudes the perfect combination of a relaxed personality in phone and email conversations whilst proving to be consistently prompt (in fact speedy) with his responses to my requests on all matters, and to this day continues to be. I feel so very lucky to have had Gary's assistance and consider him to be a friend now and someone that I know I can always rely on for sound advice or to point me in the direction to the answers to my questions.
D Bellini - United Kingdom - Director - Arlington Hotel Group UK


Gary was a real find. He got me a great mortgage deal where others had failed. He takes the stress out of dealing with all the beaurocracy involved in buying overseas.
Sallie Jaye - England - Make-up Artist - Freelance
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